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How to Etch Glass with a Stencil

Bundle promotions in this blog post have expired - you can find the font we used HERE.

Personalize your own casserole dish with glass etching cream! By creating your own stencil with a custom font, you have the freedom to be as create as you like! 

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create a stencil for etching a glass casserole dish with your own personalized design.

Create your own stencil design


In your design software, type out your design:



You can find the Tales of Life and White Clementine Fonts that we used for this casserole dish in the Handwritten Font Bundle 2.0



Check out these posts for more info about fonts in Brother CanvasWorkspace:


Next, draw a rectangle around the design:



Mirror the design:



The design is mirrored because you'll be etching it from the back of the casserole dish. The etched surface should not come in direct contact with food.



Cutting the design


Transfer the design over to your Scan N Cut cut for cutting.

Check out this blog post for more about opening and transferring designs onto your Scan N Cut:


Prepare your mat for cutting the stencil. 



Oramask 813 is a great stencil material to use for glass etching projects. The material has a backing, so like vinyl, you want to cut through just the top stencil material and not all the way through the backing.



Use the Scan N Cut DX's Half Cut feature to cut out the stencil.




Weeding the stencil


Weeding a stencil is different than weeding a design that you'd cut as a vinyl decal. 

Be sure to weed out the design - the area where you'll put the etching cream and leave all the inner parts of the letters.




Transfer the stencil onto transfer tape. It's very important to apply the transfer tape smoothly.

Keep the stencil material flat as you apply the transfer tape over it with a burnishing/scraper tool. This will also help make sure you don't have any air bubbles. 



Transfer the stencil onto the back of the casserole dish.  We like to use the hinge method to apply vinyl.



Remove the transfer tape and use your finger to press the stencil material onto the glass so you get a very good seal between the glass and the stencil.

Then, mask off the area around the stencil with painter's tape so you don't get etching cream outside the stencil.



Apply the etching cream

Use gloves during application and follow the glass etching cream directions. Apply the cream very liberally and very thick, you don't want to see the stencil beneath the cream.



Gently push the cream around the stencil with a foam brush or paint brush. Be sure to not press too hard so you don't accidentally lift up the stencil material.



FYI: The instructions say to leave on the etching cream for no more than a minute. From personal experience, leaving the cream on for 4-5 minutes may get a deeper etch.


Rinse away the cream with lots of running water. Be sure to rinse the dish very well and remove the stencil.



Dry with a towel.





Personalize your own casserole dish like this using fonts found in the Handwritten Font Bundle 2.0

Handwritten font bundle from So Fontsy


 Check out the full length video tutorial below:


Save it for later:

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