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The BEST Value

Hey there, fellow crafters and aspiring small business owners! 🎨✨ Stop right there and listen up! If you're dreaming of diving into the magical world of handmade crafts, then this subscription is your golden ticket! 🎟️ So Fontsy's VIP membership is bursting at the seams with goodies that are absolute game-changers for small businesses and crafters setting sail on their creative journey. I wish I would have joined sooner!

Picture this: unlimited access to top-notch design codes, monthly doses of free design delights, plus a treasure trove of discounts, vouchers, small business resources, and more! 💰💫 I mean what more could you ask for?!? With perks like these, the membership dances its way to paying for itself time and time again. Don't let this opportunity pass you by – join the crafting party today and let your creativity run wild! 🎉🚀 I am so glad I did!

Great decision

I just recently decided to become a VIP member after a long time of just purchasing things without it. Great choice, I get $$ to use on purchases (which pays for the membership itself) plus discounts on every purchase and freebies, you can’t go wrong!!!

Best Value

I started as a silhouette design store user years ago when I realized there was an additional cost for commercial use. While I don't have a store set up yet, it was always in my future and now I'm getting ready to move forward. I switched from the design store to so fontsy back then for the added value of commercial use. When VIP was released, I only felt the need for the basic level. It's usually only around the holidays that I buy more designs as I make most of my gifts. Quickly I realized the middle tier made the most sense for me and I've appreciated the added value. Many steps will need to be taken to get all my ducks in a row and having the resources at so fontsy, along with my silhouetteu membership, will put me in the best position. If you're on the fence, there is really nothing to lose by trying the basic tier. Until my shop is open, the middle tier is the match for me. Would love to see the artists including font information in their designs. (What font is used, where to purchase or download, or use a so fontsy font in their design). I personalize much of what I make and matching fonts is desired. Thank you so much for offering VIP!

So worth it

I think that is the best decision the i made to subscribe in the vip club. So worth it

Worth every penny!

Being a VIP is worth every penny you spend. Between the codes that you get to use on designs and all of the free monthly items, you can't go wrong. Don't hesitate to sign up today!

Worth the $$$

being a VIP, you have access to so much. I really like the printable tutorials as well as all the video tutorials.


This is my go to place for designs for tumblers. Always have a big variety of designs to pick from. And I’ve never had any issues with them not printing clear.


I love it


Just love this store. It has everything I have been looking for. Thank you so much


This membership pays for itself with the voucher, discounts and free files! I always find more that I want.

So Fontsy

I love this is so amazing.....always find me finding more than I was looking for...and most times....they were better than I was looking for!

So Fontsy

I am a first time VIP member and am so thankful I joined. I now do not miss out on getting just what I need and want for my crafting projects. Thank you So Fontsy!!


Love all I have downloaded! So many choices

Love this

I absolutely love So Fontsy,

VIP access

I love So Fontsy!! My go to for fonts and SVGs! Being a VIP the discounts are great

Love this website! They have so much to choose from!


I love this so much it is one of the best

So Fontsy
VIP Review

Best decision I made was to become a VIP. Worth the cost and plenty of options to choose from.

Worth Every Penny!

I love the VIP Club! From the percent off to the member voucher, I’ve loved it all. So Fontsy is my go-to place for all things vinyl or sublimation.

A great Value and FUN!

I actually even enjoy scrolling thru looking for my style my wants and giggle and laugh and well the saving in the VIP are worth the 19.99 a month especially with all the extra perks and discounts well I think it becomes free frankly....


I am enjoying the VIP Club! I feel like I'm getting rewarded each time I purchase something from So Fontsy.
Look forward to seeing what I get free and love the designs!

Svgs & Fonts

So Fontsy is a great source for crafter, offers loads of svg files and fonts at affordable prices.

Amazing SVG Files

So Fontsy has some amazing SVG files and fonts! You can get some for free, You can get some for a dollar, and up. This side is truly my go-to! Thanks so much So Fontsy!!!

So Fontsy is Great

I have used so fontsy for years. The new VIP program is easy to use and it pays for itself with credits to purchase files and fonts, no need to enter codes!

So Fontsy VIP

I'm glad that the VIP is available to us it is the best thank you