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How to Make Stickers without Sticker Paper


If you’re looking to make your own stickers, but don’t have any sticker paper – you’re in luck, in this tutorial we’ll show you how to make stickers with without sticker paper!



Print out your stickers onto regular copy paper.




Check out these blog posts for how to print and cut stickers: 


The adorable sticker designs we are using are part of the May 2022 SVG and Font Bundle.



You can cut the stickers with your CricutSilhouette, or ScanNCut, or cut the designs out by hand.



Copy paper is very thin and sticks well to a cutting mat. We recommend using a “low-tack” cutting mat or cutting mat that is pretty well used.

Remove the copy paper by flipping the mat over and rolling the mat back and peeling the mat away from the copy paper, instead of pulling the copy paper off the mat.



To turn your paper cuts into stickers, you’re going to use a Xyron sticker making machine. This smaller Xyron is perfect when you only need to make small stickers one at a time.



Slide the cut paper down into the Xyron mouth opening.



On the other side, begin pulling the sticker tape. 

Continue pulling until it fully emerges from the Xyron on the other side.



Use the attached metal teeth to cut it off. I like to burnish the paper down after removing it.



Remove the clear topping and discard it.



A sticky backing has been applied to the back of the paper.



Just peel it off and stick it down on the desired surface!



If you're looking to make larger stickers or make multiple stickers all at once, try one of the larger Xyron machines. The method is the same!




Place the paper into the mouth of the machine.



Use a craft pick to help get small paper in there.



Turn the handle on the machine clockwise.



The paper will be pulled into the machine and spit out the other side with adhesive applied to the back.




When it emerges from the other side, cut with the attached slider blade and then remove the clear topping.



Now, you have a large sticker sheet with lots of smaller stickers, ready to peel up when you're ready to use them.



Aren't stickers just so much fun?!



Find these sticker files in the May 2022 SVG and Font Bundle.


May 2022 SVG Design and Font Bundle So Fontsy


 And watch the timelapse video below:


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How to Make Stickers Without Sticker Paper Tutorial

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