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How to make stickers with the Brother ScanNCut

Love making your own stickers? You can do it with your So Fontsy SVGs and your Brother ScanNCut - with THIS little hack!

We show you exactly how to do it in the tutorial below.


Set-up Sticker Sheet

To do this hack, you have to use a design software other than Brother's CanvasWorkspace because that software doesn't have a print feature. Try using Silhouette Studio - the free design software for the Silhouette Cameo and Portrait cutting machines.

Import your sticker designs into Silhouette Studio (or other design software). This small business sticker set is part of the massive Bundle of Bundles 4.0.

Save 99% OFF the Bundle of Bundles from So Fontsy


Next, add a 1 pt, black offset 0.125 inches around each design.


Then, print out the sticker sheet on sticker paper.


Place the printed sticker sheet onto your ScanNCut cutting mat and load into your machine.

Next, from the home screen on your machine, tap Scan ...

 ... then Direct Cut ...

 ... then the machine icon.

Keep the scanning area to 12 x 12 and the default Grayscale Recognition mode worked just fine for this project. (If you wanted to make changes, tap the wrench icon). Then, tap Start.

The machine will then scan the mat and the image of your sticker sheet will appear on the screen. This looks like the good scan so click OK.

Use the corner handles to drag the selection box to just around the stickers themselves.

Tap the magnifying glass to zoom in...

and you can see if all that you want is selected. See how the scanner just picks up the black offset outline around the stickers? Perfect!

Then, tap OK.

Next, tap the Outline Distance icon.

Here, you can tell your machine to cut slightly inside the cutting line (that black offset line you printed on your sticker stick). To do this, tap the "minus" sign to about -0.04 inches. Then, select OK.

You could make additional edits to the cutting lines by tapping the Edit button, but for this project, it's probably unnecessary. So, just tap OK to move on.

Tap Please select ...

... and then Cut.

Use a Half Cut when making stickers so that the machine doesn't cut all the way through the sticker backing material.

If you need to turn on Half Cut or make any other cutting adjustments, click the Wrench icon, then use the up/down arrows on the right side to scroll through the cutting adjustment settings.

Then, tap Start, and the machine will start cutting!


 Perfectly cut stickers!

 Check out this project's timelapse video from our YouTube channel:




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