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DIY Santa Sacks with Heat Transfer Vinyl


In this tutorial, we're sharing tips and tricks on how to cut and press different types of heat transfer vinyl with your Scan N Cut DX and a heat press. We'll show you how to make these adorable Santa bags that make adorable Christmas home decor and are fun to personalize as well.



Find this Santa bag SVG design in the Winter SVG Design Bundle!



When cutting HTV, you want to make sure you turn on the Scan N Cut DX's Half Cut feature so that it will only cut through the HTV and not all the way through the carrier sheet as well. To turn on Half Cut, follow the steps below.

First, transfer your design onto your ScanNCut machine. If you need help transferring designs to your ScanNCut, check out this blog post.

On the Send screen, tap the wrench icon.



Then, the down arrow.



Then, tap ON next to Half Cut. Then, click Ok.



On the Send screen, you'll see that Half Cut is now turned on.



For this project we're using both regular HTV and glitter HTV. These materials have different thicknesses (glitter HTV is much thicker), and so the Scan N Cut will need different cut settings for both of these materials.



For best results, cut materials with different thickness separately. If you try to cut different materials with different thicknesses together on the same cutting mat, what happens is the Scan N Cut will only adjust to one of the material's ideal cut settings.

For example, when glitter HTV (a thick material) is placed on the cutting mat with regular HTV (a thinner material) ...


... the Scan N Cut's AutoBlade technology can only sense and adjust its cut settings depending on the thickness of only one of the materials on the mat.

So, in this case, the Scan N Cut adjusts to the ideal Half Cut settings for the thicker glitter HTV...


... but then uses the same settings to half-cut out the thinner regular HTV. This results in cuts that are too deep for the regular HTV and the cut goes right through the carrier sheet.



So just remember, when cutting different types of materials that have different thicknesses, the best way to do that is to cut them separately.

This part of the design (cut in black Siser Easyweed), was cut on a mat all by itself and the Scan N Cut adjusted the cut settings to do a half-cut perfectly, so weeding out the excess HTV was very easy.



Weeding lines/weeding boxes were also used on this design to make weeding easier. Check out this blog post for how to add weeding lines/boxes to your designs with the ScanNCut.

After cutting and weeding all parts of the design, take them and your Santa bag to the heat press.

Glitter and regular HTV have different temperature settings for application, so split the difference between the two and set your heat press to about 312 degrees F.



Always start by pressing the regular HTV first.



And save the glitter HTV to press last.



Then, you're ready to fill up Santa's bag with toys (or pillows make the bag look nice and full too!)



Find this Santa bag SVG design in the Winter SVG Design Bundle!



Check out the video tutorial below:

And if you like this project, pin it for later!

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