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How to Access Dingbat Fonts in Brother CanvasWorkspace Using the Text Panel

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use dingbat fonts in Brother CanvasWorkspace using the text panel.


Dingbat fonts are fonts that use shapes, icons, symbols, doodles, etc., instead of letters and numbers. They are fun fonts to use and add to lots of different projects!



Make sure you have downloaded and installed the font onto your computer. Check out these blog posts to learn more about that:

You can type out dingbat fonts in CanvasWorkspace just like you would any other kind of font. But in a dingbat font, instead of typing letters, other characters will be typed instead - like these cute Christmas doodles!




This dingbat font we're using in this tutorial is called Christmas Party, and it's part of the Ultimate Crafter's Font Bundle.



Sometimes though, the dingbat font is listed on your font list using its icons instead of the alphabet in the Text Menu.




Use the included Ultimate Crafter's Font Bundle PDF to preview some of the dingbats in the font, so you know what you're looking for, then spot them in the Text Menu.



Working with Dingbat Fonts 

After typing out the characters of a dingbat font, you can essentially treat them the same as you would other fonts and shapes in Brother CanvasWorkspace.

You can resize them and add fill colors to them. 

You can change their action to Draw, instead of Cut, if you want your ScanNCut to sketch them instead of cutting them.



If you want to learn more about sketching with the Scan N Cut, check out this blog post about how to sketch with the Scan N Cut.

We created this adorable little sign for our elf friend, using icons from the Christmas Party dingbat font and typing "Merry Christmas" with the Andeeta script font - also included in the Ultimate Crafter's Font Bundle.



Check out this project's video tutorial below: 


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