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How to Reverse Weed Vinyl

In this step-by-step tutorial, we'll show you how to reverse weed a vinyl decal.



Reverse weeding is a method of weeding out excess cut vinyl from around a vinyl decal. This method is helpful for small, intricate cuts. 



Cut out your design in adhesive vinyl. We're using Oracal 651.

The vinyl for this mini wooden crate was created using a font from the Spring Farmhouse Bundle.


Spring Farmhouse Design Font Bundle So Fontsy



Apply a piece of transfer tape over the cut, unweeded vinyl.

Beginners 👉 Check out How to Use Transfer Tape



Flip the entire piece over and remove the vinyl backing.



Then, grab an edge of the vinyl piece and begin pulling it back with one hand. Use the other hand to hold the transfer tape down. 

The cut design of the vinyl decal will stick to the transfer tape, and you'll be peeling back all the excess.



Remove any additional excess vinyl (like the insides of the letters), if you didn't take them out already.



If you're having trouble, when you flip over the piece of vinyl with transfer tape on it and place it on a sticky cutting mat from your cutting machine.

The sticky mat will help hold the transfer tape down, as you pull away the excess vinyl.



Reverse weeding works especially well for small, intricate cuts and small text.

And now you're ready to apply the vinyl to intended surface!




All the designs and fonts for this spring farmhouse tiered tray decor can be found in the Spring Farmhouse Bundle.

 spring farmhouse bundle so fontsy


The design pictured below (from the Spring Farmhouse Bundle) was created with printable vinyl. Check out this blog post about how to use printable vinyl.



Check out the project timelapse video below:


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How to Reverse Weed Vinyl

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