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How to Make Your Own Mug Stencil

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Vinyl isn't the only material you can use to make custom mugs, you can create your own coffee mug stencils with the Ikonart custom stencil kit, too.  Plus, we share tips on how to get the most out of the stencil materials.  

The SVG design used to create this stencil comes from the Mug and Tumbler Bundle.


If you're not familiar with how to make custom resuable stencils with Ikonart or need a refresher, check out these other posts about the Ikonart stencil kit:

Start by printing out the SVG design you chose for your mug onto the Ikonart printer film for either your laser or inkjet printer.

Next, trim your stencil material so that it is about 1 inch larger on all sides than the design itself. Cutting it down will avoid wasting a full sheet on a small design.

Note: the stencil material is light sensitive so do this step in a dark room. Immediately put the remaining stencil material back into its light protective bag and then use the cut stencil material right away.

Lay the stencil material down first with the rough side up, then position the printed design in the middle of the stencil material, then lay the clear cover sheet over it.

Turn on the Ikonart UV light and expose for 30 seconds.

Save the printed film to make more stencils of the same design or re-print and make other stencils later on.

Rinse the stencil in warm water with your sink's spray nozzle for up to 3 minutes. Then, let dry completely - about 45 minutes.

Clean the ceramic mug with isopropyl alcohol.

Apply the stencil to the mug.

Use a squeegee to apply enamel paint over the stencil.

Remove the stencil and wash it right away.

Follow the paint's directions as how to let it cure.

Now that you know how to make reusable stencils for mugs, you'll want to grab the Mug and Tumbler bundle! It includes 99 more perfect-for-mugs SVG designs AND it's 88% off right now!

And if Tumblers and sublimation are more your thing, check out how to use our full wrap tumbler templates to make 20 oz tumblers with a mug press!



Check out the full video on how to make custom mug stencils below:

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