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Free and Easy Software for Ikonart Stencils: Design and Print!

We love using So Fontsy designs with Ikonart Stencil System, but one question we get a lot is what is the best free software to use with Ikonart? 

We suggest Silhouette Studio! Not only is it free and easy to use, but you don't need a Silhouette CAMEO machine to use it! 

Anyone can download free basic Silhouette Studio and use it to design and print directly to their printer. 

This basic crash course on Silhouette Studio will show you how easily and quickly you can take your stencil designs and print them to your Ikonart Stencil Film on any printer. 

Start by downloading the free basic Silhouette Studio software here. Select to download the Silhouette software for PC or Mac and create an account the first time you use the software.

Once downloaded on your computer, follow the prompts to install the program. 

Launch Silhouette Studio. 

How to Set Up Silhouette Studio Design Space for Ikonart

Before you open your design you want to set up the work area to match the size of your printer film.  Take these steps in this order: 

  1. Click the Design button along the top right of the software
  2. Select the top tool icon on the right sidebar to open the Page Setup Panel
  3. On the Page Setup panel change: 
    • Media Size: Letter
    • Orientation: Portrait
    • Check Box for "Show Print Border"

How to Open Designs Free in Silhouette Studio

The free Silhouette Studio version will open PNG and JPEG file types. JPEGs will require tracing, so the PNG file type is your best option. All So Fontsy products include a PNG version of the file. 

Checkout the Ikonart Design Shop on So Fontsy for commercial free artwork for Ikonart stencils..including the design used in this tutorial.

NOTE: If you want to open SVG files in Silhouette Studio you will need to get the one-time paid upgrade for Silhouette Studio Designer Edition which is about $30.

From your desktop or finder window, navigate to the PNG file you want to open. Drag and drop it into the work area in Silhouette Studio.

Editing Files to Prepare to Print on Ikonart Printer Film

All stencil designs for Ikonart need a few minor adjustments to get the best results. For Silhouette Studio beginners we're going to focus on the very basics of sizing/scaling, blackout, and mirroring. 

  1. SIZING/SCALING: Use your mouse to select the design and drag one of the corners in until the design is your desired size. 
  2. SOLID BLACK FILL: If your entire design is not black, keep it selected and from the top tool bar click the first icon on the left and pick black. 
  3. SOLID BLACK LINE: Repeat this process with the Line color tool directly next to the fill tool to change the line colors to black as well. 

MIRROR: Select the design > Right Click > Flip Horizontally

Want to design your own stencil designs in Silhouette Studio or looking for more free Silhouette Studio tutorials? Check out Silhouette School Blog

How to Print from Silhouette Studio to Any Printer 

Silhouette Studio can print to any printer connect to the computer.  Select the printer icon along the top tool bar to open the printer settings. 

To get the best print on your Ikonart Stencil Film make the following recommended changes to your printer settings: 

  • Select your laser or inkjet printer
  • Print in Black and White 
  • Select a Glossy Material
  • Print at "Best" Print Quality

Make sure your printer tray has a single sheet of Ikonart Printer Film in the tray. Press print on the printer settings window and your design will print from Silhouette to your printer.

And that's how easy it is to print any design from free Silhouette Studio to make Ikonart Stencils!  

Need the full step by step on how to make Ikonart Stencils? Check out this blog post and video! 


How to Make DIY Reusable Stencils at Home


So Fontsy and our sister site Silhouette School are proud to team up with Ikonart!  You can find Ikonart's Design Shop on So Fontsy.

If you're interested in purchasing an Ikonart Stencil System or need more film, stencil material or other accessories use the 15% off Ikonart discount code SILSCHOOL to save on anything on the Ikonart website! 


Nita Drone

- July 06, 2023

I have the Ikonart system and appreciate this information concerning the Silhouette Studio, it will make creating my own designs much easier and fun.

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