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How to Make Large Reusable Stencils for Porch Signs


In this tutorial, we'll share how to create a large custom reusable stencil for a vertical porch sign with the IkonArt system.


You can find the Plant Grow Bloom svg design in the Spring Farmhouse Bundle:

Spring Farmhouse Bundle So Fontsy


We are using Silhouette Studio to create this project.

Set the page size to the size of your vertical wood sign - mine is 8 inches wide by 24 inches long.



Open the Plant Grow Bloom svg design and resize it to fit your project.




Change the page size to 8.5 by 11 inches - standard letter size for printing.

Divide the sign into sections and rearrange the pieces to fit the page (without resizing the design).

Print the design on the IkonArt printer film.




Separate the different sections by cutting them apart with scissors.



Arrange them on the IkonArt stencil film.  The stencil film measures 10 by 12 inches so you can separate the sections a little bit more.



Expose the stencil, rinse, and let dry. Then, trim out the different sections.



Arrange them on your vertical wood board.



Paint each section using chalk paste.



After painting, wash out the stencils, let dry, and then they are ready to use again for another project!

Check out these tutorials on how to use the IkonArt system:



Take a look at the project video below:




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how to make large reusable stencils for porch signs with Ikonart 


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