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How to Make Fabric Wall Art - No Sew DIY Project


This step by step tutorial will show you how to create fabric wall art using fabric scraps. 



We are using this sunrise design from the Big Inspirational Quotes Bundle.



These bright-colored fat quarters of quilting cotton are from the fabric store. 



Iron the fabric to remove any folds or wrinkles and then iron on a double sided fusible interfacing.



Cut out the sunrise design from interfaced fabric.



Position the fabric shapes into the design on a larger background piece of fabric. I'm doing a "reverse canvas" so I'm adding them to the back of a canvas frame. 



Peel off the paper backing and place onto the background fabric. 



Iron the fabric pieces onto the background fabric to set them in place: Gently place a piece of parchment over the fabric pieces and then press the iron straight down - do not iron back and forth. You don't want to accidentally move the fabric pieces around and then get set into the wrong place.

After pressing one area, gently pick up the parchment and move it to another area to continue pressing. Continue until the entire design has been pressed to the background fabric.  




We love how this project turned out! 



Grab the sunrise design we used in this project in the Big Inspirational Quotes SVG Design Bundle!


Big Inspirational SVG Design Bundle from So Fontsy


And check out the fabric artwork project timelapse below:



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How to Make Fabric Wall Art No Sew DIY Project 

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