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How to Make a Circle Monogram Design with Brother Scan N Cut


In this tutorial, we show you how to create a circle monogram and your Brother Scan N Cut. Using Brother CanvasWorkspace, you'll learn how to format the perfectly align a circle monogram so you'll be ready to start cutting with your Scan N Cut.



Open CanvasWorkspace and upload your circle monogram frame.



You can find this unicorn monogram design in the Monogram Bundle:


Monogram Design Bundle from So Fontsy


Group the design together, then move it away from the top right corner of the mat.




This unicorn monogram SVG also includes all of the circle monogram letters. Import the monogram letters SVG file that includes all the letters.



Select the letters you need, move them off to the side, and delete the rest.



How to Format a Circle Monogram


Traditionally, the right letter is the person's first name, the left letter is the person's middle name, and the middle letter is your last name.

Move the letters into the circle frame.



Lock the unicorn monogram design. This makes it so you can't click on the frame while the lock is engaged, because right now you're only going to work with the letters.



Select just the letters, then use the Align tools in the Edit panel to align the them. Click the Middle button and the letters will align along the horizontal middle.



You can make manual adjustments to the position of the letters, by clicking on one of them and using the arrow keys on the keyboard. I did this with the letter L on the right because I liked how it looked much better in a lower position.


Select all the letters and click the Horizontal Distribute Center button. This will even out the spaces between the letters.




Group all the letters together. Resize them together inside the circle frame to fit the design.



Unlock any locked items, then send the design to your Scan N Cut for cutting!



For more on how to use CanvasWorkspace and your Scan N Cut check out the other posts on our blog below:


You can add monograms to anything - t shirts, jackets, bags, and even blankets!



Find this unicorn circle monogram in the Monogram Bundle and get ready to start monogramming all the things!

 Monogram Bundle So Fontsy

Watch the project timelapse below:


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How to Make a Circle Monogram Design with Brother Scan N Cut

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