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How to Cut Larger Than Your Mat With ScanNCut


This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to cut oversized designs using your Scan N Cut machine

Open BrotherCanvasWorkspace and the design you want to cut. Size it your particular project. I'm cutting out an extra large megaphone to create a fun football/cheerleading sign.




You can find the designs used to make this sign in the Sports SVG and Font Bundle.


Sports SVG Design Font Bundle


Add a rectangle (or square) to the mat that is the very slightly smaller than the size of the cutting area (the red dashed lines).



Duplicate enough of those rectangles to completely cover the design you wish to cut. Align the rectangles to sit right next to one another, no gaps between them. Rotate the design if necessary.




Select the megaphone design and all the rectangles. Then, press Divide.




There's now going to be a lot more shapes in the workspace, but most of them are extra and you're going to delete them.



 Move them off to the side and delete them.



You can also select the extra shapes in the Layers panel to delete them.



All that should remain is the large designs (megaphone) divided into sections that are small enough to fit on your cutting mat!



Hide all pieces but one and send that piece to your Scan N Cut for cutting!



Cut out each piece and assemble the pieces together with a piece of tape between the two pieces on the back of the pieces.



Adorn as desired. We also used designs and fonts from the Sports SVG and Font Bundle to create this awesome oversized spirit sign! These make great decoration for team parties!


Sports SVG Font Bundle So Fontsy



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How to Cut Larger Than the Scan N Cut Mat


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