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How to Cut and Press Flocked HTV

Bundle promotions in this blog post have expired - you can find the design we used HERE.

This step by step tutorial will show you how to cut and press flocked htv.

Flocked HTV is a type of heat transfer vinyl that has a luxurious soft and fuzzy texture to it, like a suede or velvet. It's the perfect choice to customize a snuggly buffalo plaid blanket! In this tutorial, we'll share some tips for how to effectively cut, weed, and press flocked HTV.


Design Choice

Because flocked HTV is thicker than traditional HTV, it does work better with larger, less intricate SVG designs. Don't forget to mirror your design as well. And it's also highly recommended to add weeding lines/weeding boxes to the design prior to cutting. Weeding lines/boxes make weeding out the excess HTV a lot faster and easier.

Read more about using weeding boxes HERE.

The design used for this buffalo plaid blanket comes from the Winter SVG Design Bundle.


Cutting Flocked HTV

Just like with any HTV (or any project for that matter), always do a test cut. The default settings for flocked HTV with the Silhouette Cameo are different than Siser's recommended Cameo cut settings for their flocked HTV.

So, which setting do you use? Test both cut settings!



If the test cut in the flocked HTV yields a cut that weeds easily and cleanly, then those are good cut settings!

Weeding Flocked HTV

Take extra care when weeding flocked HTV. The carrier sheet on Siser's flocked HTV is not as sticky their other types of HTV which means smaller pieces like the dot of an "i" or an apostrophe could more easily fall off accidentally.



Pressing Flocked HTV

If your blanket has collected any pet hair or dust, clean off the pressing area with a lint roller prior to pressing. Actually, you can use this trick before pressing any kind of HTV!



Press Siser's flocked HTV at 320 degrees F. If you use pressing pillows, you can use one for this project, but it's not necessary. But do let the thick edges of the blanket hang off the edge of the press so they do not interfere with pressing the HTV.



Pre-press the blanket for 2-3 seconds (cover with a piece of parchment or cover sheet).



Apply the weeded transfer face down (the carrier sheet side facing up), cover with parchment or a cover sheet and press for 10-15 seconds.



Then, let the blanket and transfer cool. This is different than regular HTV which you may be used to peeling immediately after pressing. Instead, with flocked HTV let the design cool completely.


Once cool, peel off the carrier sheet...


... and snuggle up with your new blanket!



Grab the design used in this project from the Winter SVG Design Bundle.


And check out this timelapse tutorial below:



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