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How to Use a Weeding Box with Cricut for Easier Vinyl Weeding

Want to weed your vinyl faster & save material? This design trick will show you how!



This step by step tutorial will show you how to use a weeding box in Cricut Design Space.

What is a weeding box?

A weeding box is a boundary or box you create in Cricut Design Space.

This technique allows you to easily weed vinyl text and designs by creating a "box" around your project.

AND It saves TONS of material. Less vinyl waste makes my heart (and wallet) happy!

The Weeding Box with Cricut

I am using this fun kitchen design to create a small wood sign. You can find it (plus 49 more sign svg designs) in the Sign Maker's Design Bundle.

Sign Maker's SVG Design Bundle So Fontsy


I measured my wood sign and the area for my vinyl is approximately 6.5" x 8.5"


The Weeding Box with Cricut


Open your design in Cricut Design Space:


The Weeding Box with Cricut So Fontsy


Select the design and resize to fit your project. I have resized this to 5" wide.


The Weeding Box with Cricut e


Now select the Shapes Tool and click on Square.

Click the lock in the bottom left hand corner. This allows you to resize the shape freely.

I am resizing the rectangle shape to 5.5" x 6.75" which is a little larger than my design.


The Weeding Box with Cricut So Fontsy


Select ALL layers and click Align: Center

Using a weeding box with Cricut Design Space

With all layers still selected, click ATTACH.

Click Make it.

You can see the design is set to the top left corner of your mat. If you need to move it to a specific place, you can drag it with your mouse.


Choose your material. Load your mat and Click Go.



Once your vinyl is cut, weed out the box around the design.

It's so fast to do it this way! It comes off in one piece - isn't that the gratifying?!


Weed vinyl EASILY with weeding boxes in Cricut Design Space


Trim the excess area - I still have 2 usable pieces of material for my next project. Into the vinyl storage folder they go...





Apply transfer tape and apply the vinyl decal to the wood sign.




You can find this funny kitchen svg design in the Sign Maker's Bundle.



Watch the video tutorial for Cricut Design Space here:



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How to Use a Weeding Box with Cricut for Easier Vinyl Weeding


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