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How to Apply HTV on Aprons


This blog post will share the tips and tricks on how to apply HTV on aprons, so you'll get perfect results every time!



Cut and weed your design out of heat transfer vinyl. The Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice svg design is from the Fall Farmhouse Font and SVG Bundle.


Fall Farmhouse Font & SVG Design Bundle So Fontsy


Trim the carrier sheet around the design to a rectangle with the design positioned in the center of that rectangle.


To center HTV design right in the middle of the apron, without measuring: 

Press the apron if it's super wrinkly. Fold the apron in half and press the fold to make a crease.



When you open up the apron again, you should see a defined crease. If not, press again until you can.



Take your weeded HTV design and fold it half vertically. Fold with the sticky sides out, not the sticky sides together.



Crease the fold really well so that when you open it back up you can clearly see the fold line.


Use the fold lines on the apron and HTV transfer to line up the design right in the center of the apron. 

Place a pressing pillow or folded towel underneath the apron. Read more about using pressing pillows HERE.



Press HTV as recommended by the HTV manufacturer. We used Siser Brick HTV (the black) and Siser Easyweed HTV (the orange).



And now your apron is ready, and you'll be lookin' good in the kitchen. These custom aprons also make really great gifts!



You can find the Pumpkin Spice SVG cut file in the Fall Farmhouse Font and SVG Bundle.


Fall Farmhouse Font & SVG Design Bundle So Fontsy


 Watch the project timelapse video below:



PIN it for later:


How to Apply HTV to Aprons Tutorial from So Fontsy

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