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How to Use a Pressing Pillow


In this tutorial, we'll explain how to use pressing pillow to achieve the best results when pressing heat transfer vinyl.

The retro svg design we used is part of the July 2022 SVG Design and Fonts Bundle.



We're using the Print and Cut feature on our Silhouette Cameo to print out the designs on Starcraft Printable Transfers for Lights.



Pressing pillows are a piece of heat resistant foam covered in a heat resistant non-stick material. You can use pressing pillows with a heat press or an iron. They come in different sizes and shapes. 



You use pressing pillows on items that have something on them that adds bulk, which can interfere with the even heat press pressure, such as a tote bag



When using a pressing pillow, be sure to adjust the required pressure with the pillow in the heat press.



To use a pressing pillow, place it underneath the pressing area (the area of the item you're pressing the HTV onto). 




Use a pressing pillow that is large enough to accommodate the size of the HTV transfer - you can then let the bulky area "hang off" the side of the pressing pillow.



If the bulky area is a button or zipper or snap that is not heat safe, let it fall off the side of the press, and be sure to use a cover sheet or parchment paper while pressing.



how to use pressing pillows with a heat press 

You can grab the HTV designs used in this post in the  July 2022 SVG Design and Fonts Bundle.


July 2022 SVG Design & Font Bundle


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