Fall Monogram Wreath | Customize With Your Monogram and Last Name | Cutting File and Printable | SVG DXF and More



Purchase includes:

  • Zip file containing: SVG, PNG, DXF and EPS file types
  • Compatible with Silhouette Studio, Cricut Design Space, Scan N Cut, Adobe Illustrator and other cutting and design programs
  • So Fontsy Standard Commercial Use License

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Product Description

Customize this fall wreath using your own font and text.

Add your monogram and last name. For the example I used Times New Roman.



Layered Monogram / Last Name Instructions

When cutting:
Load the design into your cutting software. Create two text boxes. The first box you will enter your last name and the second box will be your monogram letter. Size the design to the size you want to cut it. Then place the monogram letter inside of the design and line up the letter. Then you will layer your last name on top of the monogram letter and center it over the letter.

Once you have everything sized and lined up as desired you will begin cutting. First you will hide your design and the last name leaving only the monogram letter to cut. Cut your monogram letter in a contrasting color to the color you will cut the design. For example if you are cutting the main design black you would choose a lighter color for the monogram such as a light gray.

Once you have cut the monogram you will then cut your design and last name. But first you will need to un-hide the design and your last name. Then you will hide the monogram letter. Once the design and last name are on the screen you will WELD the design and the last name together so they cut as one piece.

To assemble on your surface: Simply place your monogram letter in the center of your surface and apply. Then align your design with your last name over the monogram letter and apply.

For my designs I normally suggest using a simply font such as Times New Roman or Arial since they are readily available on most systems and don’t conflict with the other fonts that may be part of the design.


Fall Monogram Wreath | Customize With Your Monogram and Last Name | Cutting File and Printable | SVG DXF and More


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