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Creative Way to Use HTV Scraps

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Have a pile of leftover htv scraps? You're going to love this super colorful & creative way to use HTV scraps! 

The design we're using comes from the Sassy T Shirt SVG Design Bundle.




Open the svg design in your design software of choice and size it to fit your project. We're using Silhouette Studio, but you can use any design program and cutting machine you like.



With this scrap technique, use a design with a dark black outline for best results.




Draw rectangle around it leaving at least an inch around all four sides. 




Cut a piece of heat resistant transfer tape to the same dimensions of that rectangle.

Delete the rectangle from around the design.

You're not going to be cutting that out - it was just used to get the measurement of the heat resistant transfer tape, so you'll know how big to cut it, and how much area you need your HTV scraps to cover to accommodate the design.



Place the heat resistant transfer tape on your cutting machine's cutting mat with the backing side up.



Remove the backing. This exposes the sticky side.



Grab all of your HTV scraps.

The best scraps to use for this project are long and skinny strips.

Trim scraps if necessary.

These scraps are all Siser Easyweed HTV. It's easiest if all the scraps are the same kind of HTV.



Place the HTV strips onto the sticky backing with the HTV's carrier sheet side down.

Align strips as close as you can together without overlapping.



Load the cutting mat into your cutting machine and send the design that you wish to be cut (remove the rectangle around the design first).

Mirror the design.

You may have to adjust your cut settings - we had to increase the cut settings we normally use for HTV.

Do some test cuts!



Weed the design.

When weeding the scraps, be careful to only remove the excess HTV.



Cut out and weed the outline of the design in black HTV and any other elements of the design. 

Time for pressing!

Preheat the garment by pressing for 2-3 seconds. We're pressing onto a baby onesie.

Place the scrappy HTV design transfer onto the garment and press.



Remove the heat resistant transfer tape and strips of the HTV's carrier sheets.



Press the black outline.

Choosing a design with a black outline is a good design choice for this technique because it helps to make the HTV strip edges look straight and clean together.




We hope you enjoyed this colorful & creative way to use HTV scraps!


The design we used for this baby onesie comes from the Sassy Tshirt Design Bundle.


Sassy T Shirt SVG Design Bundle from So Fontsy


Check out the project timelapse below:




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Colorful & Creative Way to Use HTV Scraps 

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