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Silhouette Print and Cut Tutorial: How to Change Colors of SVG Designs


Learn how to change colors of svg designs with this simple Silhouette Print and Cut tutorial! Change the colors of an svg design in Silhouette Studio to create these party bag favors.






Open your SVG file. We are using these camping svg designs from the Summer Vacation & Travel SVG Design Bundle.



Summer Vacation & Travel SVG Design Bundle from So Fontsy


Note: you will need Silhouette Studio Designer Edition to open SVG files.





Select the entire design and select a black outline.





Right-click the image and select "Release Compound Path."



Depending on the SVG design you may need to also ungroup the design as well. To ungroup, right-click over the design and select "Ungroup."






After releasing a compound path, the design will now be separated into all its smaller shapes, and now it may look like a big black blog, but that's okay!






Select the entire design & change the fill color to "No Fill."






You should now be able to see all the shapes that compose the larger design.





Select the part of the design (the shape) you wish to recolor and give it a new fill color.





Repeat for all the shapes you’d like to recolor:





Now you need to "add" back in the black part of the design that gives the entire design a black outline. Click on the very outermost shape and give it a black fill color.





But see how the middle of the letter "R" is also filled in black as well?! Since we're just printing this design, you can just click on that middle shape of the letter "R" and give it a white fill color.



Repeat with the other letters.




Another way to make the letters with "holes" in them look the right way, is to give all parts of the entire letter/word a black fill color. Then, select all parts of the letter/word, right-click over it, and select Make Compound Path.






Select the entire design (every part of it), right-click on it, and select Group.





When you have the design(s) set up just the way you want for printing, just click File, then Print!


You can then quickly create custom party favor bag toppers (like what we used for these s'mores kits) by printing your own at home! Just grab some cellophane bags



You'll find these camping svg designs (+ lots more!) in the Summer Vacation and Travel Bundle!


Summer Vacation & Travel SVG Design Bundle So Fontsy


Check out how to assemble these bag toppers in the timelapse video below:



PIN it for later:


Silhouette Print and Cut Tutorial How to Change SVG Colors Summer Vacation Travel Design Bundle So Fontsy

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