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How to Use Sublimation Markers


Sublimation markers are an affordable option for someone interested in sublimation but without a sublimation printer. In this tutorial, we'll give you an overview of how to use sublimation markers.



You can find the stacked Senior SVG Design in the May 2022 SVG Design & Font Bundle.


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We are using these Siser Sublimation Markers, from the Black Pack and Primary Pack.



To use sublimation markers, you'll start by coloring onto a piece of plain white copy paper. You'll use your heat press to transfer the ink onto a polyester shirt or other polyester coated surface.



One thing to be aware of is that whatever your draw or color, the design will be reversed when you press it.

So for things like text, one thing you can do is write with a regular ink pen on the back of the paper ...



... then trace it on the other side with the sublimation marker. Then, that reversed text you wrote in the sublimation ink will read the correct way after being pressed.




We are using the sublimation markers to draw out our Senior SVG design.

Remember to mirror the design so it gets drawn backwards.

The Siser Sublimation Markers fit into the largest pen holder for the Silhouette Cameo



Color in the rest of the design.




Don’t be alarmed that the color doesn’t look very vibrant - that is completely normal. It’s when the heat from the heat press transfers the ink onto the poly surface that the ink takes on its true vibrant color.



Heat up your heat press to 370 degrees Fahrenheit and adjust the pressure for firm pressure.



Place a pressing pillow inside your polyester shirt....



Be sure to place a piece of parchment inside the shirt so you can protect the other side if any ink seeps through.



Place the transfer face down onto the shirt.

Use a few pieces of heat resistant tape to hold the transfer in place. This will prevent the transfer from moving during pressing.



Then cover with another piece of parchment ...



... and press for 45 seconds. 



Remove the transfer.



Take a look at the vibrantly colored design that has transferred onto your shirt!




HOT TIP: Transfers that still have ink on them can be used again, to transfer onto another shirt or polyester surface, though it may not be as vibrant as the first time.



Grab this design, plus much much more in the May 2022 SVG and Font Bundle.


may 2022 svg design font bundle so fontsy

And watch the project video below:



PIN it for later:


Step by Step Tutorial on How to Use Sublimation Markers 




- May 25, 2022

Great tutorial. It seems so easy. Thank you


- May 02, 2022

can these markers be used on the cricut explore 2?

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