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How to Sublimate on Sequins

Bundle promotions in this blog post have expired - find the designs we used HERE and HERE.


This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to sublimate on sequins. We are using sequined stockings but you can easily adapt this to pillows or any other sequined material.




Print out your design with your sublimation printer.

Be sure to mirror the design before printing.

We used the Sawgrass SG1000 because you can print on 11 x 17 inch sublimation paper which means we could print three of these oversized designs at one time.



The monograms and the adorable gnome designs come from the November 2021 SVG and Font Bundle.



Trim around the edges of your printed designs.



Flip all of the sequins to the white side of the stockings. Use a pair of tweezers for any that aren't flipping easily.



Warm up your heat press to 400 degrees F. Protect the bottom platen of your heat press with a piece of parchment paper, then lay the stocking on top.


Tip: If the item you are pressing has bulky areas (like the faux fur at the top of the stocking or the side zipper on a pillow), try to hang that part off the edge of the heat press, so it doesn't interfere with pressing.



If the sequins aren't lying flat and/or there are a lot of folds in the item, you can do a quick pre-press to flatten out the sequins.

Cover the stocking with another piece of parchment, then do a quick 5-second press. This should help the sequins lay a little smoother.



Then, take your trimmed sublimation print and use heat resistant tape to tape it flat onto the sequins. Tape with the printed side facing down.




Cover with a piece of parchment and press for a full 60 seconds.




Once done, carefully remove parchment and sublimation transfer.



Set aside for the item to cool. Then reveal your handy work by swiping the sequins up and down. It's really cool!



You can grab both the monogram letters and gnomes used on these stockings in the November 2021 SVG and Font Bundle.

November 2021 SVG Design & Font Bundle from So Fontsy



Check out the timelapse video below:


Love it? Save it for later:

How to Sublimate on Sequins

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