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How to Sublimate on Clear Vinyl


In this tutorial, we will show you how to sublimate on clear vinyl.



You can find this funny sublimation design in the Sublimation Tumbler Design Bundle:


Sublimation Tumbler Design Bundle from So Fontsy


Print out your sublimation design onto sublimation transfer paper. We used the Sawgrass SG 1000 to print out these sublimation designs. Remember to mirror your designs before printing.



Grab some clear, permanent adhesive vinyl - like Oracal 651.



Use heat resistant tape to secure the sublimation transfer face down on top of the clear vinyl.



Warm up your heat press to 350 degrees F. We are using the StarCraft 15 x 15 inch mint clamshell heat press.

Sandwich the vinyl/sublimation transfer between parchment paper and press for 25 seconds.



Let cool completely. Then remove the transfer.



If little bits of the sublimation transfer paper are stuck to the vinyl....



... mist the area with water and rub with a towel or your finger. The paper will dissolve and rub away.



Trim away excess vinyl.



Apply the sublimated clear vinyl to the desired surface, just as you would a regular vinyl decal.



I found the sublimated clear vinyl decal looked best and brightest on a white background, like a white ceramic mug!



Find this sublimation design in the Sublimation Tumbler Bundle!


Sublimation Tumbler Design Bundle So Fontsy


Watch the project video below:



 PIN it for later:

 How to Sublimate on Clear Vinyl So Fontsy Tutorial




Monique T

- April 06, 2022

thanks so much for sharing came out beautiful

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