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How to Sublimate Glass Can Tumblers


Learn how to sublimate on glass beer cans and tumblers with this step-by-step tutorial.



You can find the sunflower sublimation designs that we used to sublimate our glass beer can and tumbler with bamboo lids in the Sunflower Design & Font Bundle:


Sunflower Design & Font Bundle So Fontsy


You will need sublimation glass tumblers. This technique does not work on regular glass.



Images that work best have dark, vivid, and vibrant colors. That way you'll get the darkest color transfer when sublimating onto clear glass.

Use your sublimation printer to print out the wrap design.

I printed this design with the dimensions: 9.64" w x 4.963' h.



To determine the size, use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of the glass (9.75 inches) and set the width of the image slightly less. Make sure the proportions are locked so the height adjusts automatically.



Trim away any excess sublimation paper from the top, bottom, and sides of the design.



Start wrapping the tumbler.

Make sure the sublimation wrap isn't crooked while wrapping. Because the glass is clear, you can actually look into the opening of the tumbler and see if you like where the transfer is placed. Adjust if necessary.



Use heat resistant tape to secure the wrap to the glass. Don't be afraid to use a lot of tape. It's extremely important the sublimation wrap is tightly secured to the glass tumbler.



Set your mug press to 360 degrees F with light pressure. Do not use tight pressure. 

Press the tumbler in 4 sections for 60 seconds in each section.

1. Place the seam side of the sublimation wrap up with top of the tumbler in the mug press. Press for 60 seconds.



2. Rotate 180 degrees so the seam side of the sublimation wrap faces down. Press for 60 seconds.



3. Carefully slide the tumbler so that the part that stuck out before is now in the mug press. You'll repeat the steps above to press this part of the tumbler - seam down for 60 seconds... 



4. Press seam side up for 60 seconds.  

After pressing, carefully remove from mug press and let it cool down enough so that it is cool enough to handle and you don't burn yourself.



Remove the sublimation wrap and reveal the results!!



Grab the sunflower sublimation wrap design that we used in the Sunflower SVG and Font Bundle.


Sunflower SVG Design & Font Bundle from So Fontsy


Watch the project video timelapse below:



PIN it for later:


How to Sublimate Glass Can Tumblers Tutorial 



- June 21, 2022

I can’t wait to try this, Thank you so very much.

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