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How to Seal Vinyl on an Acrylic Keychain with UV Resin


In this tutorial, we'll show you how to seal vinyl on a piece of acrylic using UV resin. It's actually easier than you think!



Prep your piece of acrylic by rubbing it down with a paper towel and isopropyl alcohol.



Next, transfer your vinyl monogram onto the acrylic.  Make sure to burnish the vinyl down really, really well!



You can find the monogram font used on this acrylic keychain in the Ultimate Crafter's Font Bundle.



Place your acrylic on a silicone mat to protect your work surface. If you cure UV resin on it, it is easily removed.

Squirt a small blob of UV resin into the middle of the acrylic. You don't need much, and less is better than more because it's always easier to add more, than it is to remove excess.



Carefully, rotate and tilt the acrylic to get the resin moving evenly towards the edges.



Then, use a silicone tipped tool to start carefully pulling the UV resin towards the very edge of the acrylic. And thanks to the laws of physics, the UV resin will make a lovely bubble-like ridge at the edge of the acrylic.

Be extra careful working around the hole in the acrylic (the hole for a keychain) so the resin does not flow into it. 



If you're seeing "dimples" in the resin, try spreading more resin to that area to smooth it out.



If that's not working, it probably means that you need to add resin, but only do so a drop at a time.

If you add too much resin, the "bubble" along the edge will spill over the side of the acrylic. If it does, you can clean up the edges of the acrylic with a paper towel and isopropyl alcohol.



When the resin looks nice and smooth and evenly applied across the acrylic, use a UV lamp to cure the resin according to the resin's instructions. 



Be careful when removing the acrylic from under the UV lamp, because it will be hot - give it a few seconds to cool down.

Lightly tap the cured resin. If it feels sticky, then it needs to be cured a little more until it is no longer sticky. 



TIP: If cured resin closed up the hole on the keychain, a drill with small drill bit can drill right through the cured resin to open the hole back up again.

Have fun and adorn your keychain with charms, tassels, and beads galore!



Find the monogram font used on this acrylic keychain project in the Ultimate Crafter's Font Bundle.

ultimate crafters font bundle from so fontsy

Watch the project timelapse video below:


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How to Seal Vinyl on Acrylic Keychains from the So Fontsy Blog



- April 12, 2023

Thanks for these instructions. They were so clear and simple.

Connie j Krohn-Pickrell

- November 17, 2021

Thanks so much! Can I do this on a sublimated keychain? They chip so easy!

Jacqueline Hale

- November 15, 2021

Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!

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