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How to Press Heat Transfer Vinyl on Tea Towels

Spruce up your kitchen decor by customizing your own tea towels!


In this blog post, we'll show you how to press heat transfer vinyl onto a tea towel, how to know where to place the design, and how big to make it.

You can find the tea towel svg designs in the Christmas in July SVG & Fonts Bundle:


Christmas in July SVG & Font Bundle


Decide how you will be displaying the tea towel because this will determine where you'll place the design and how big the design will be.


Option 1: Folded in half - Place the design in the bottom right (or left) corner of the towel.



Option 2: Folded in thirds (small design) - Place the design in the bottom center of the towel.



Option 3: Folded in thirds (large design) - Place the design in the bottom center of the towel.



Before cutting out your design, fold the towel as it will be displayed.  Then, measure the area the display area of the towel.  Use this measurement as guide to how large to size the design.  The towels we're using for this project you can find here.



Cut and weed the HTV design for the tea towel. We're using Siser Easyweed HTV.




Fold the tea towel as it will be displayed.

Press (or iron) the folded tea towel.  Press really well so that creases remain after unfolding it. 



Using the crease lines as guidelines, place the HTV transfer onto the tea towel.

Press the HTV for the manufacturer's recommended time - with Siser Easyweed that 10 - 15 seconds at 305 degrees F.



Remove the carrier sheet.

You may want to iron the creases back into the towel for display, just be sure to not place the iron (or heat press) directly over HTV - always cover with a cover sheet or parchment paper while ironing.




Grab the designs used in these projects in the Christmas in July SVG and Font Bundle.


Christmas in July Design & Font Bundle


Watch the project timelapse video below:



PIN it for later:

 How to Press HTV on Tea Towels

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