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How to Paint Buffalo Plaid

Are you mad for buffalo plaid? Learn how to paint a buffalo plaid wood sign in this step by step tutorial. 


You don't need any special painting skills - it's actually easier than you think!



Supplies for this project are listed in the steps below and if you want to recreate this tag sign exactly, you'll also need the I'm Dreaming of a Farmhouse Christmas SVG from the So Fontsy Exclusive SVG and Font Bundle!



Sand your wooden sign until it is super smooth to prevent paint bleeding. Make sure to sand in the same direction of the wood grain. 

For smaller projects, a sanding block is sufficient; however, for larger projects, I would highly recommend an electric palm sander.



Paint the wood red. You may need to paint two or more coats to achieve full coverage. Paint with even strokes so you achieve a smooth paint coverage.

Let dry completely.



Lightly mark the center of the tag. Then, apply a piece of blue painter's tape down the middle of the wood along that center line. Press the tape down firmly.



Then, take a second piece of tape and run it right along the edge of the tape in the middle of the board. Do not press this tape down firmly. This piece of tape is only a "spacer" for the placement of the next piece of tape.



Place the third piece of tape along the "spacer" tape, and press it down firmly.



Remove the "spacer" tape piece.



Then reapply it along the second piece of tape on the board, but don't press down firmly.

Continue to reuse this "spacer" tape to accurately space the painter's tape lines along the board.



Next, a mix a small amount of black paint to red paint to make a dark red color. Mix the paint well to avoid streaky color.



Then, paint between the lines of tape.



You can carefully remove the tape now or wait for the paint to dry before removing the lines of tape.



Once the board is completely dry, tape lines running the opposite way across the board, using the same "spacer" tape method so the lines are spaced evenly.



Mix a very small amount of black with red to make a dark red color, but one that is lighter than the dark red color you previously mixed. If you still have the dark red you mixed up before, then just add more red paint to that mixture to dilute it.



Paint that color between the lines - make sure you can still see the darker red squares. Let dry and DO NOT remove the painter's tape.



Once the paint is dry, align a set of perpendicular lines of painter's tape over the lines of the lighter red color.




Then, paint black between the lines. Use the black sparingly and let it dry before painting another light coat of black over it again. This way you reduce the likelihood of paint bleeds.



Remove the tape in the same direction as the wood grain.






If you did get paint bleeds, that's okay! Take a very small brush and paint over the paint bleeds.

Or just leave it because it fits right into your farmhouse Christmas decor!

Seal the board with a clear spray topcoat.



Cut & weed your design. You can find the I'm Dreaming of a Farmhouse Christmas SVG here.



Once the top coat is dry, apply the vinyl decal to the sign.



You can grab the SVG design used for this wood sign in the So Fontsy Exclusive SVG and Font Bundle! You won't find it anywhere else!



Check out the timelapse video below:



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how to paint buffalo plaid easily



- October 12, 2022

Thanks for these clear instructions. I would much rather see a tutorial like this than suffer through several videos trying to find what I am looking for.

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