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How to Paint a Hot Mess Canvas

This is such a fun technique that combines paint, vinyl, and your cutting machine.

Grab your acrylic paints and vinyl and follow the step by step tutorial below on how to create a hot mess canvas.


We love this retro style Good Vibes rainbow svg design, which you can find in the Sign Maker's SVG Design Bundle.



Sign Makers SVG Design Bundle So Fontsy 

Start by randomly painting a blank canvas with 3 colors of acrylic paint.

Use similar color hues such as red with pink or blue with purple hues. This will help you avoid the dreaded mixed brown color.

One technique is to put a blob of each color along one edge of the canvas.



Then, take a flat edge and drag it along the canvas it.



If you wiggle the scraper up and down slightly as you drag it along the canvas, you can slightly blend the colors together for a cool effect.



While the paint is drying, cut out your vinyl design with your cutting machine. 

Cut and weed the vinyl design and transfer it onto transfer tape.



When the paint is completely dry, apply the vinyl design to the canvas.



Optional: I applied a very thin coat of Hard Coat Mod Podge over the vinyl to "seal" it. I think this is why I ended up with a crackle effect in the final paint.



Then, paint over the entire canvas, including the vinyl.

I chose a light gray color, but you could also use white or even black.

You may need to paint several coats to cover the existing paint and vinyl. Let each coat dry before reapplying.



Once the paint is fully dry, carefully remove the vinyl. Use a sharp point to stab and grab the vinyl and peel it up. And you'll reveal the beautifully blended "hot mess" painted canvas underneath!



Add additional vinyl decals to your canvas if desired. 



Then, display your art piece proudly!



Find the Good Vibes rainbow design in the Sign Maker's SVG Bundle.

sign makers svg design bundle so fontsy

And check out the timelapse tutorial below:


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How to paint a hot mess canvas

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