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How to Make Printable Money Card Holders

Bundle promotions in this blog post have expired - you can find the design we used HERE.

How to Make Printable Money Card Holders Tutorial


In this tutorial, we'll show you how to make print and cut money card holders. These easy printable cards make gifting cash a little more fun!



You can find the printable money card designs we used in the Card Maker's Design Bundle.



You'll need clear money/chapstick holder plastic domes. Or you can re-use chapstick holders from the store - which is what we used for our project! It's very economical.




To use a chapstick package, carefully remove the plastic dome from the cardboard backing.

We found the easiest way to do that was to dunk it into super hot water and let it soak a little to soften the cardboard. Peel the cardboard away and scrape off any little bits that may be left on the plastic dome.



Measure the dimensions of the plastic dome.



Cut out those dimensions out of a scratch piece of paper. This is a practice template so you can get the correct dimensions of the cut out so that the plastic dome will fit perfectly.

We found it faster and easier to just use a craft blade instead of our die cutting machine.



Place it over the plastic dome to see if it fits. Make any adjustments to the size of the template if necessary and just note the new dimensions.



Open the printable money card holder designs in Silhouette Studio




Make sure that the size of the placeholder on the card for the money is the about the same size as the template you created. Resize the money card in the design software if necessary.

TIP: Print out a draft copy in black and white to see how much space you'll need for the cut away template.



When the design is sized correctly, print it out on white cardstock. I could fit 4 designs on one letter-sized sheet of cardstock.

Use your template to guide your placement to cut out the section for the money holder plastic dome. 



Cut around the printed design with a paper trimmer.



Assemble the Money Card Holder

Place thin, double-sided strip adhesive along the opening of the cut away on the back of the printed design and along the edges of the card.



Remove the paper backing from the adhesive and place the card around the plastic dome.




Remove the paper backing from the strip adhesive around the edges of the card, then place a rolled bill into the plastic dome.



Take a second piece of cardstock cut slightly larger than the printed card (5.25 x 4.25 inches) and align the printed card onto top - sandwiching the plastic dome between them.



Now, you have your money card!!



You can grab these money card designs (plus a lot more!) in the Card Maker's SVG and Font Bundle.



Watch the project timelapse below:



PIN it for later:


DIY Printable Money Card Hoders Tutorial


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