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How to Make DIY Magnetic Bookmarks with Cricut


In this tutorial, we'll show you how to set up the SVG design in Cricut Design Space and then how to cut and assemble these magnetic bookmarks. Let's get started!



Upload the Water Tracking SVG bundle from the So Fontsy Staff Picks SVG Design & Font Bundle into Cricut Design Space.


So Fontsy Staff Picks SVG Design & Font Bundle 







Resize the design to 2" wide.

Ungroup the design and color the layers as desired.



Add an Offset around the design of about 0.125 inches.



Change the offset color to white and make sure it's placed behind the original SVG design. You may need to move it to the bottom of the list in the Layers panel.



Select all layers, right-click and select Duplicate from the drop-down menu.



Duplicate again so you have three total. Place one copy off to the side for now because we'll come back to it later.



Rotate the first copy and its offset by 180 degrees. Place it above the original.



Add a rectangle that it is almost as wide as the design and offset approx. 0.75 inches tall.

Place the rectangle in between the designs as shown.



Move the designs /offsets closer together so they overlap with the rectangle.



Select the designs & rectangle and click ALIGN: Center Horizontally.



Select only the offsets and the rectangle and click Weld (in the bottom right corner).

Move the newly welded piece to the bottom of the list in the Layers panel so that it is the backmost piece of the design.



Select all of it and click Flatten (in the lower right corner) to turn this part of the project into a Print Then Cut design.



Repeat with as many designs as you like.



Then, come back to those copies you set off to the side earlier and delete the design, leaving only the offset.



Copy the offsets so you have two of these offsets for each single design.

Place these offsets close to one another, select all of them and click Attach (in the lower right corner).



Click Make It (in the top right corner).



Print then Cut the "flattened" designs.



Cut them out of heavy cardstock.



On the 2nd mat, cut the offsets out of magnetic paper.



I chose the material Magnetic Sheet 0.5 mm - do a test cut first!




Grab the printed designs....



Apply a little glue to the magnets and line them up behind the design printed on the cardstock. Press to adhere firmly.



Repeat for the other side. The middle of the cardstock should be open.



Fold in the middle of the cardstock once the glue is dry.



Place the magnetic bookmark over a sheet of paper in your planner or your favorite book. These magnetic bookmarks work best over notebook paper or other similar thinner types of paper.



These water tracker and fitness magnetic bookmarks not only mark my place in my planner but are also a healthy reminder!



Find the motivational & water tracking SVG designs we used in this project in the Staff Picks Design and Font Bundle.


So Fontsy Staff Picks SVG Design & Font Bundle


Take a look at the project timelapse video below:



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How to Make Magnetic Bookmarks with Cricut Maker




- September 12, 2022

This tutorial is SO GREAT!!!! I signed up for Sofontsy because of it. Thank you!!!!!

Malone Guthrie

- June 21, 2022

Can these be made somehow with a cricut joy? Possibly cutting twice? Thanks so much.

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