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How to Make a Car Decal with Cricut


In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create a vinyl car decal using your Cricut, plus share the secret hack to making this car decal last as long as possible!



Open Cricut Design Space. Then, upload and import the desired design you wish to use for your car decal.



We're using a humorous design from the Funny Sayings SVG Bundle.



Select the design and click Flip >> Flip Horizontal.



Select the entire design and click Attach in the bottom right corner.



Load a piece of permanent adhesive vinyl on your Cricut cutting mat. We're using Oracal 651 permanent adhesive vinyl. It's important to use permanent vinyl so that the decal will last as long as possible.



Cut the design with your Cricut cutting machine.

Weed out the excess vinyl from around the decal.



Apply a piece of transfer tape over the design.



Head outside to apply the decal to your car window - the inside of the car window!


Clean the inside of the window with glass cleaner.



Secure the vinyl decal in place (with vinyl backing still on) on the inside of the window with a piece of blue painter's tape.



Lift up the transfer tape (with the vinyl on it).



Remove the vinyl backing.




Use the blue painter's tape as a hinge to lay the transfer tape back down.



Burnish the vinyl down really well with (our favorite red) burnishing tool.



Remove the transfer tape by rolling it back.



Now when you view the decal from the outside, it will be read the correct way!

Note: if you have tinted windows, double check the vinyl before cutting that the color you choose will be visible from the outside. A bright white vinyl is usually the best option.



Grab this design from the Funny Sayings SVG Bundle.


funny sayings svg design bundle so fontsy


Watch the project tutorial below:




PIN it for later:


how to make a vinyl car decal with your cricut & apply it tutorial from so fontsy 



- January 27, 2023

So glad I found you! I was wondering how to put the decal on the INSIDE of the window!
Can this be done with CLEAR permanent vinyl? Not sure what to do with the roll I have!
Thank you!

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