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How to Make a 3D Paper Butterfly Mobile


This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make a 3D paper butterfly mobile.



We’re using this 3D layered paper butterfly file which you can find in the Multilayer SVG and Font Bundle.


You will need several different shades of mid to heavyweight cardstock (65 – 100 lb. weight) for cutting out the different layers of your 3D paper project.

We used shades of blue and turquoise glitter cardstock as the butterfly base. 



Cut all layers twice to make the 3D butterflies double-sided.




Use a strong glue to adhere the layers of the butterfly together. Apply the glue only in the middle of the butterfly on the first layer.



Press the next layer onto it to adhere them together.



Apply the glue only in the middle of the butterfly again.



Press the next layer onto it.



Repeat with the remaining layer.



Since you cut the layers out twice, you’ll end up with 2 layered butterflies.



Wait until the glue dries, then gently fold the layers up to add some space and dimension between the wings.



Glue the two butterflies together. In order to hang it from a mobile, place a string between the butterflies, then glue them together.

I used a strand of white embroidery floss.




Repeat with remaining 3D layered butterflies.



Use the same butterfly file to cut additional smaller butterflies in different sizes and different colors of cardstock.



In order to hang these smaller butterflies, glue or tape a string to the middles of the butterflies starting with the largest butterfly on top, and the smaller butterflies towards the bottom of the string.

Creating several of these small "butterfly strings" to suspend from the mobile.



Use a large embroidery hoop as the structure for the mobile.



Wrap at least 2 lengths of string to the sides of the embroidery hoop on opposite sides of each other. Again, I just used white embroidery floss.



Gather these strings in the middle and tie a knot.

You can then use this single bunch of strings in the middle to suspend the mobile.



Take the butterfly strings you created earlier and glue or tape them to the embroidery hoop.



It is easier to hang the hoop first and then add the butterflies.




You can tape it to the ceiling or install a hook into the ceiling. The mobile does not weigh very much.




These look stunning as home décor for bedrooms and impressive as party decorations!



You can find the 3D layered paper butterfly file we used in the Multilayer SVG and Font Bundle.


Multilayer 3D SVG Design Font Bundle So Fontsy


Watch the project video below:



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how to make 3d paper butterfly mobile so fontsy 

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