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How to Heat Press on Neoprene Can Coolers


How to Press Neoprene Can Coolers Beginner HTV Project


This tutorial will show you how to press HTV on neoprene can coolers. 

Neoprene Can Coolers are fairly inexpensive and make a great beginner HTV project. They come in lots of different colors and are perfect for party favors!




We are using this funny lemon design from the Design Shop SVG and Font Bundle.


Open the Lemon design in your software. We are using Silhouette Studio

Resize to fit the neoprene can cooler (approx. 3") and cut out the design from HTV. 




Set your heat press to 305 degrees F.

While it is warming up, place the neoprene can cooler on the lower platen and perform a "test press."



This does the double duty of allowing you to make adjustments to the heat press's pressure, and to "pre press" the neoprene can cooler .



When the heat press has reached temperature, place the HTV design onto the neoprene can cooler. You can press multiple can coolers at once!




Cover with a cover sheet or piece of parchment paper, and press.

If you only have one color in your design, press the Siser Easyweed for 10 - 15 seconds.

Remove the carrier sheet warm.




If you have multiple colors/layers of HTV, press the first for 2 seconds.

Remove the carrier sheet and place the second layer.

Cover with parchment and press for 2 seconds.



Repeat these steps with each layer.

On the last layer, press it for 2 seconds, remove the carrier sheet, cover with parchment and press for about 10 seconds.



And just like that - custom neoprene can coolers



These are so fun to personalize!


Neoprene Can Coolers Pressed with HTV


You can find the design we used for these can coolers in the Design Shop SVG and Font Bundle.



 Watch the project timelapse below:



PIN it for later:

How to Press HTV on Neoprene Can Coolers Tutorial

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