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How to Hang a Round Wood Sign


In this tutorial, we'll show you how to hang a round wood sign (or other home decor sign) so you can display your DIY project proudly and securely!



You can create a round wood sign like the one in this post, with the design we used from the Round Signs Bundle 2.0.


round signs svg design bundle so fontsy 

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We are using these D Rings which are super easier to install and very secure. Find D rings that are suitable for your project because they come in different sizes. 



Screws come with the D rings; however, make sure the size of the screw is not longer than the thickness of the wood. You don't want the screw to go all the way through!



First, use a pencil to draw a line on the back of the wood sign.



Position the screw opening of the D ring over the line - roughly the same distance from the edge of the sign.




Use a screwdriver or a power drill to screw the D Ring into the back of the sign. Repeat with the other D ring.



Now, using a strong ribbon or twine or wire, tie the twine to each D ring with a very secure knot.


This last step helps to keep the sign from banging against the door as it opens and closes. Place one or two Command strips at the top and/or bottom of the sign so you can attach it to the door while it's hanging.



Command strips are easily removable and don’t cause damage to the surfaces, and they are easily removable. Now the sign sits very secure on the door, won't slip or flap around as the door moves.



To create a round wood sign like this one, find this design we used (plus many more!) in the Round Signs Bundle 2.0!

Round Wood Signs SVG Design Bundle So Fontsy



Watch the timelapse video below:



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 how to hang round wood signs tutorial so fontsy

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