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How to Get Crisp Lines When Painting Wood Signs

The trick to getting crisp lines when painting wood signs or on canvas is to use the Paint Vinyl Paint Peel method..sometimes called PVPP. 

How to get crips paint lines when painting wood signs tutorial

The idea is to paint the base coat, lay down the stencil then paint another layer of the base coat again. This way anything that bleeds under the stencil is the same color as the base coat. Then paint the second color on top of that. 

This is the method we prefer when painting signs with vinyl stencils! It can be sued for round wood signs, vertical welcome signs, even painted canvas. 

Want to make your own painted wood sign with crisp lines?  Follow the steps to keep paint from bleeding under tape or stencils: 

  1. Sand the wood board or sign
  2. Paint the base color
  3. Let the paint dry. 
  4. Place the Vinyl stencil on the painted wood board or sign
  5. Paint the base color again around the edges of the stencil 
  6. Let is dry. 
  7. Paint the secondary color on top. 
  8. Peel away the vinyl stencil

How to get crisp paint lines with vinyl stencils


Elaine Duddy

- August 14, 2023

This was a great tip!


- November 08, 2021

Great hint for lettering to prevent paint bleed. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks

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