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How to Bleach a Shirt for Sublimation

This quick step by step tutorial will show you how to bleach a shirt in the sun to prepare it for sublimation or heat transfer vinyl.

How to Bleach a Shirt in the Sun


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Lay your sweatshirt outside in direct sunlight.

Mix together a ratio of 50% water + 50% bleach (that's 1:1). Put in a spray bottle.

Spray onto your sweatshirt. I put a heavy amount on it due to the thickness.

Leave your sweatshirt in the sun and allow the bleach to work its way through the fabric.


It will continue to lighten in the sunlight.



When you are satisfied with the color, you will want to stop the bleaching process.

To stop the bleaching process (using gloves) place the sweatshirt into a container that has 50% water + 50% hydrogen peroxide.



Wash the sweatshirt.

Now it's ready to press your sublimated design right onto the bleached area.



Watch the timelapse video here:


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how to bleach a shirt in the sun



Tammy Lott

- January 25, 2022

thanks for the video. I just learned why my shirts have holes in them. that’s because i was using full bleach not half and half. i also was just washing it to stop the bleaching in just water. it was very helpful moving forward. thanks!

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