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How to Apply Vinyl to a Mug on Straight


Here's a quick and simple trick to applying a vinyl decal onto a mug or tumbler and making sure it goes on straight!



Apply a piece of blue painter's tape (or other low tack tape like washi tape) along the bottom edge of the mug or tumbler. Line up the bottom of the tape with the bottom edge of the mug to make sure the tape is straight.



Use a dry erase marker to draw a straight line along the top edge of the tape.



Remove the tape and set mug aside.



Now, grab your vinyl decal with the transfer tape applied over the top of it.


You can grab this design in the February 2022 SVG and Font Bundle.

February SVG Design Font Bundle So Fontsy 


Take a straight edge and align it along the bottom edge of the design. Then, draw a straight line with the dry erase marker on the transfer tape.



Next, use the straight line on the transfer tape and the straight line on the mug as guides for applying the vinyl on straight on the mug.



Then, just wipe away the dry erase marker on the mug with a paper towel.



Easy peasy!



To achieve the multi-color vinyl decal, we used vinyl scraps to create thin strips of vinyl. We then placed them onto the waxy side of freezer paper.

Apply a layer of clear vinyl over the strips.



Cut and weed the vinyl decal like normal; however, you will need to increase the cut settings on your cutting machine, so be sure to do a test cut. 



You can find this vinyl decal design in the February 2022 SVG and Font Bundle.



Check out the timelapse video below:



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How to Apply Vinyl Decal Mug Straight So Fontsy


Nicole Rhodes

- February 01, 2022

Great tutorial! It is very straight forward and simple. What kind of vinyl was used for this project?

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