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How to Apply Vinyl to Cardstock Tips & Tricks

Did you know that you can apply vinyl to cardstock - giving you even more creative possibilities for your SVG designs?!!


Here are some special tips on how to apply adhesive vinyl to cardstock.



We're using a mandala design from the Big Mandala Design Bundle - it's one of 121 mandala designs in the bundle!



Tip #1 - Type of cardstock

Use a super smooth, heavyweight cardstock  - 110 lb worked great for our project.

Avoid paper and cardstock that is thin or textured.



Tip #2 - Type of transfer tape

To transfer the vinyl onto the cardstock, use a low or medium tack transfer tape.

When transferring separate vinyl pieces, reuse the same transfer tape multiple times. This will reduce its stickiness (and reduce the chance of tearing the cardstock!)



Tip # 3 - How to apply the vinyl

The vinyl adhesive is super sticky. Apply gentle pressure over the cardstock -  only over the vinyl areas under the transfer tape, not over the entire piece of transfer tape. Avoid burnishing the transfer tape to the cardstock.




Tip # 4 - How to remove transfer tape

Slowly and carefully roll the transfer tape back - don't peel it straight up off the cardstock.



Work slowly! While one hand rolls back the transfer tape, use the other to hold the cardstock onto your work surface.



In this project, we transferred 9 sections of a mandala to 9 different pieces of cardstock - WITHOUT a single rip or tear. And we used the same piece of transfer tape for almost every single one.




Find this mandala design (plus lots more!) in the Big Mandala Design Bundle! Please note that you will find this mandala design intact in the bundle - we used software to cut it into sections for different frames.



Watch this timelapse video to see how we created this framed mandala wall decor:


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How to apply adhesive vinyl to cardstock tips and tricks 

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