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How to Apply HTV to Wood with an Iron

How to Apply HTV to Wood with an Iron So Fontsy Blog


Move over adhesive vinyl, you're not the only option for creating porch signs! Did you know you can apply HTV to wood using a home iron?

It's easy, and it can create beautiful, professional-looking home decor like a front porch sign.

This free step-by-step tutorial will show you how to apply htv to wood with an iron when you don't have a heat press.



First, start by cutting out a front porch sign design with heat transfer vinyl like Siser Easyweed. You can use any cutting machine you like, the Cricut Maker is pictured below.

You can find this gorgeous fall farmhouse porch svg design in the Big Fall & Winter Porch SVG Design Bundle (plus, save 88% off for a limited time!)

Big Fall & Winter Porch Sign SVG Design Bundle from So Fontsy



The Everyday Iron On setting cuts Siser Easyweed easily.

Weed out the excess vinyl.



Using an iron you can dedicate solely to craft projects would be ideal for this project. However, I did not experience any residue transfer or damage to my iron during this project.

Set your iron to the setting between Cotton and Linen - no stream. I set my iron to the hottest temperature. Let it warm up.


Assemble the separate cuts of HTV onto your wooden board.

The nice thing about HTV is that is can be repositioned easily on the wood board. 

Arrange all the HTV pieces onto the wood board as you'd like them in your sign.

Choose one piece of HTV to start with.

Cover the HTV with a piece of parchment paper - this helps protect your iron.



Press the iron onto the HTV with medium pressure for 10-15 seconds.



If the HTV is larger than the iron, press one section of it at a time until you've pressed every area of the HTV.



When it's cool enough to handle, slowing begin removing the carrier sheet from one corner of the HTV.



Look for areas of the HTV that are not sticking to the wood.



If you encounter this, lay the carrier back down, cover the parchment, and re-press that area for another 10 - 15 seconds.



Resume removing the carrier sheet and repeat steps until you can completely remove the carrier sheet without any of the HTV lifting.



Repeat the steps above for each transfer if there are multiple for your sign.



Your sign is complete and ready to adorn your front porch!



Find the SVG design used on this porch sign in the Big Fall and Winter Porch SVG Bundle.


And, check out the full tutorial video below.

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How to Apply HTV to Wood with an Iron

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