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How to Apply HTV to Paper

Here's a fun trick for your next paper project - trying applying HTV onto the paper. It's a great way to use up those small HTV scraps!



In this tutorial, we'll show you how to apply HTV on paper.


You can find the designs we used to create our sports buttons in the Sports SVG and Font Bundle.


Sports SVG Font Bundle


Cut and weed your designs out of HTV. You can even use specialty HTV like glitter and chrome to add more texture and dimension to your project.



We're using the Cricut EasyPress Mini on this highest setting for this project, but you could also use a home iron.

Cover your workspace with a cloth or other material to protect the table underneath from the heat.

Arrange the cut and weeded HTV design onto your paper or cardstock.



We're using a cut piece of patterned paper for this project.



The weeded areas of the HTV carrier sheet are sticky, but if you don't press down too hard right away when you're positioning the design on the paper, then you can reposition it until you're happy where it is.



Cover the paper and HTV with a piece of parchment paper.



Press the area for about 10 seconds.



Remove iron, and then when it's still a little warm, remove the carrier sheet! It's that easy.



Repeat with any remaining HTV in your design. 



HTV was the perfect option for these buttons because HTV handles super small cuts pretty well compared to working with small cuts adhesive vinyl or cardstock.



We then used the WRMK Button Press to create our own DIY sports buttons.



You'll find these sport designs in the Sports SVG and Font Bundle.


Sports SVG Font Bundle

Check out the timelapse video below:



PIN it for later:


How to Apply HTV to Paper

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