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How to Apply HTV to Faux Leather

Bundle promotions in this blog post have expired - you can find the font we used HERE.

Learn how to apply HTV to faux leather (textured fabric) to customize your favorite beanie!

Take these beautiful knit beanies, for example. If you tried pressing HTV directly onto them, the HTV design would likely get distorted as it's pressing into the pile of the fabric, and not adhere very well because of the gaps in the loose knit. So how would you monogram fabric like this? Faux leather patches to the rescue!



Type out your name or monogram in the design program of your choice (we're using Silhouette Studio) using your favorite font.



You can grab this fun font that we used for these beanies in the Handwritten Font Bundle 2.0!




Remember to mirror the design before cutting into heat transfer vinyl like Siser Easyweed.



Weed out the excess HTV.



Applying HTV to Faux Leather


To create the faux leather patch, cut a piece of faux leather to a rectangle slightly larger than the design.  We are using Cricut Faux Leather.


Next, grab your iron, mini iron, or Cricut Mini Easy Press.  

Set your Cricut Mini Easy Press to low. Faux leather is a synthetic material and will melt at high heat.



Center the heat transfer in the middle of the faux leather piece.



Cover with a piece of parchment paper.

Using the Cricut Mini Easy Press, apply light pressure to press the transfer onto the faux leather. Keep the iron moving and don't hold it in one spot longer than 5 seconds. Be sure to go over every area of the transfer.



Then, carefully peel away the carrier sheet while it's still warm. 



Next, sew the patch onto the beanie. Use a simple straight stitch on your sewing machine, or you can hand sewing with needle and thread.



Doesn't that faux leather patch just take these beautiful hand knit beanies to the next level?! 



Start creating your own custom faux leather patches for beanies (and more!) using the gorgeous fonts from the Handwritten Font Bundle 2.0!


Handwritten Font Bundle 2.0 from So Fontsy

Take a look at the timelapse video below:



PIN it for later:

hot to apply htv to faux leather



Barbara Tanck

- April 21, 2023

thank you for the information


- January 28, 2022

Love this idea to add to my crochet projects. I have a Cricut Easy Press (not a mini). Can you be more specific about the temperature you use? I’m not sure what the “low” setting actually is on the mini. Thanks so much.


- December 27, 2021

love this site…………


- December 27, 2021

thanks , this looks great .
having a cameo and crocheting my own beanies.
this just marries the two crafts together .
now to make my logo small enough to weed successfully and apply will be a challenge:)


- December 22, 2021

So adorable! Can you also share where you found those hats? I am hoping it is on Amazon so I can order a few! Thanks for the great ideas.

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