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How to Apply HTV to a Beach Hat

Using an iron to apply heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is very easy and works exceptionally well for items that may not fit into a heat press - like big floppy beach hat.

This tutorial will give you tips on how to apply HTV with an iron to make a custom DIY beach hat!



We are using this fun summer svg design from the Summer Vacation & Travel Design Bundle.


summer vacation & travel svg design bundle so fontsy


Cut and weed the design out of Siser Glitter HTV.



We'll be pressing this design onto a fabulous beach hat. How cute!



Make sure your iron does not have any water in it. You do not want a steamy iron when pressing HTV!



Place the weeded HTV transfer onto the surface of the hat.

Place a cover sheet like a Teflon sheet or parchment paper over the HTV. This protects both your iron and the surface you are apply the HTV to. 



Set your iron to the "Cotton" setting, which is usually the best setting for most irons for pressing HTV. Make sure you let your iron warm up fully so it's nice and hot for pressing.



For best results, place a pressing pillow (or towel) underneath the hat while pressing.



Remember that you are pressing the HTV to the surface, not ironing it down. That means, don't move the iron around while pressing. Just press it straight now.

Press for 10 to 15 seconds, making sure to cover each part of the design.



Let it cool down for just a few seconds, then remove the carrier sheet.



Now cover the design again with the parchment paper and press once more over the entire design for 10-15 seconds. This second press is like your "insurance press" to make sure that the HTV firmly stuck down. Remember you want to make sure you cover the entire design, especially the edges and any really thin areas of the HTV design.



Now, your custom beach hat is ready!




You can find the beach please svg design in the Summer Vacation & Travel SVG Design Bundle:


summer vacation & travel svg design bundle so fontsy


Watch the project video below: 




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how to apply htv to a beach hat 

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