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Dollar Tree DIY 2022: How to make a vertical wood sign

Bundle promotions in this blog post have expired - find the design we used HERE.

DIY crafts using Dollar Tree items are so satisfying to make! Give this Dollar Tree DIY Christmas vertical wood sign a try!

Sand the wood vertical sign until it's super smooth. You can find sand paper at the Dollar Tree. Remember: sand in the direction of the wood grain.

Paint wood vertical sign. Remember that the paint strokes should go in the same direction as the wood grain. Let dry.

This vertical sign will be outside on your front porch and exposed to the elements. So, we recommend that you seal the sign, and you can seal it with Mod Podge found at the Dollar Tree. Let dry.

Apply vinyl lettering on wood sign.

We are using a vertical welcome sign SVG from the November 2022 Font and Design Bundle.

 Use strong adhesive like double side tape or hot glue to secure additional decoration using Dollar Tree items like bows, faux greenery, bells, twine, etc.

 Then, in no time your Dollar Tree DIY Christmas 2022 vertical wood sign is ready!

 Find the vertical welcome sign SVG we used on this vertical porch sign in November 2022 Font and Design Bundle.




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