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DIY Farmhouse Sign Using the Pencil Transfer Method

This tutorial will show you how to use the pencil transfer method to create a farmhouse sign with gps coordinates sign. No vinyl required!


The pencil transfer method uses a standard home printer / copy paper and a pencil!



We printed the gps coordinates for  Our First Home coordinates sign using the Springtime Font, which is part of the DIY Farmhouse Decor SVG Design & Font Bundle.


DIY Farmhouse Decor SVG Design & Font Bundle 

Print your gps coordinates (aka latitude & longitude) on regular copy paper and trim around the design with scissors. 



Lay the printed design facedown on the wood sign. 

Take a #2 pencil and rub the pencil over the back of the printed design. Get lots of lead on there!



Flip it over and position it on your project.



Take your pencil and trace the design. Be sure to press firmly with the with pencil and make sure to trace every area of the design.



This will transfer the design in lead from the back of the paper to the surface of your project.



Use a paint pen to fill in the design outline you transferred to your project.



This method also works with larger designs as well. Just make sure that print out doesn’t move while you are tracing – for larger printouts, consider securing the printout to the project surface with a small piece of blue painter’s tape.




And there's your DIY farmhouse home décor sign, without touching any vinyl or cutting machine. Oh, the possibilities!




To find your own coordinates, enter the address into a coordinate finder website. And grab the SVG and fonts used in this sign in the DIY Farmhouse Decor Bundle!


DIY Farmhouse Decor Bundle So Fontsy


Watch the project timelapse below:


Pin it for later:

Pencil Transfer Method DIY Farmhouse SVG Design Font Bundle So Fontsy

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