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How to Make a Doormat with a Freezer Paper Stencil

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use a freezer paper stencil to create your own DIY doormat.

You can find the Hey There SVG design in the DIY Doormat Design Bundle:



You'll need freezer paper for this project. 



Doormat designs that are easiest to work with when using freezer paper stencils are ones that do not have a lot of "islands" to them - parts of the design that are not connected to anything else.

This doormat design only has one - the middle of the "R."



Use your cutting machine (Cricut, Silhouette, or ScanNCut) to cut the design into the freezer paper.

**Cut with the freezer paper's waxy side down on the cutting mat.



After weeding the design, peel up the stencil and transfer them by hand to the door mat. 

**Do not use transfer paper.

Note: be careful not to rip the freezer paper when removing it from the mat. Flip the mat over and roll it away from the freezer paper.


Be sure to grab the small "island" pieces.



Lay the design on the doormat.



Grab your stencil, a coco coir door mat, and a sturdy piece of cardboard or foam board, and head over to your heat press.



With the heat press turned off, place the cardboard and the coir doormat on the lower platen of the machine. The cardboard will help with keeping the doormat flat.

Adjust the heat press's pressure to accommodate the thickness of the mat and cardboard. You may need to lessen the heat press pressure significantly.

Arrange the freezer paper stencil on the doormat and press it with a hot press for about 15 seconds.

Use the cardboard to slide the doormat side to side to press the entire stencil.

I had the temperature of the heat press set to 305 degrees F.



Grab the cardboard and carefully move the doormat to a well-ventilated area for spray painting.

Mask off the area outside the stencil to protect it from overspray.



The freezer paper won't adhere perfectly (almost nothing adheres to coir!). Use a Cricut Mini press to press down any areas that didn't adhere well.



Super handy trick: Use push pins to help hold the stencil in place. This is especially helpful for the "islands" of the stencil.




Apply outdoor spray paint over the stencil. Be sure to cover the entire stencil.



Let the paint dry and remove the freezer paper.



Look how it creates beautiful clean and crisp paint lines!



Create your own doormat with the DIY Doormat Bundle!



Watch the project timelapse below:


PIN it for later:

How to Make a Doormat with a Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial



Vicki Entrekin

- January 16, 2023

That is way cool! I would have never dreamed I could that! Thank you SO much!!

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