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Cricut Infusible Ink on Kraft Paper: DIY Vintage Notebook



Today we are creating a vintage monogrammed notebook using Cricut Infusible Ink sheets and the EasyPress 2.

You can find the monogram design we used in the Spring Crafting Font & SVG Design Bundle.


Spring Crafting Font & SVG Design Bundle


Upload the oval monogram into Cricut Design Space.

Measure the area you want to cover on your kraft notebook and create a rectangle on the canvas with those measurements. Mine is 5" x 8"


Cricut Infusible Ink Notebook


Select both layers and click Align > Center



With both layers selected, click Combine in the bottom of the layers panel.




Click Combine > Merge Layers



Click Make It and be sure to toggle on MIRROR:



Choose Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet as your material, insert the Fine Point Blade into Clamp B:



Place your Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet with ink side facing up / carrier sheet facing down on to the LightGrip Mat. I used this brayer to make sure it was nice and smooth. 



Load the mat into the Cricut Maker and press Go:



Weed your design on the mat:



Place your kraft notebook cover on the Cricut EasyPress Mat.

Place the design ink side down on the notebook cover.



Cover with the butcher paper that is included with the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet. I also used a teflon sheet on top of that to make sure the notebook didn't get too hot.


Preheat your EasyPress 2 to 385 degrees.
Press for 20 seconds at a time. After a few test runs, I found that pressing for 60 - 80 seconds total worked the best for this project.
Let cool a few seconds and remove the carrier sheet while it's still warm.
Re-attach the notebook binding:
While Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets are recommended on products with a polyester coating, we enjoy testing them on different materials to find new uses!
And we love how this gives kraft notebooks a vintage feel.
Watch the video here:


Pin it for later:

Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets on Kraft Notebook



- April 12, 2023

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