Free and Almost Free Products Info and Schedule: Required

We offer Free and Almost Free Items on So Fontsy. We run freebies on a schedule with about 4-5 freebies every week cycling through all vendors about every several months. Each designer who sells on So Fontsy must contribute a free product during their scheduled weeks.

** You will receive an email from a site admin when your shop is officially put in the Freebie Friday schedule. Please DO NOT add your shop’s information/listings until you hear from her. Thank you! 🙂 
Every Friday new freebies will be released on So Fontsy.
Each designer is assigned several weeks throughout the year to offer a freebie. You can view your week and the schedule through here.  This sheet will be updated regularly to extend throughout the year so please check back often. The sheet is in “View Only” mode, so please email Alissa at the link to the design/font you would like offered for free.
Almost Free:
The Almost Free section is for $1 designs and  <$3 fonts.
** Designs MUST be priced at $1 to be in this category and fonts MUST be priced anywhere up to $3.
  • Each designer, who is currently not offering a freebie, is required have at least one item in the Almost Free category. You may have up to 3. Please be sure you do not have over 3 items in the Almost Free Section at one time.
  • Almost Free items should be placed in the Free (Almost) category (Please uncheck the category when you remove the item from this area. Kindly be mindful of when you have this category selected, especially if you create new listing from duplicating previous ones!)
  • Please swap these out as you wish – let’s keep them fresh and spontaneous!

(OPTIONAL) Card Redemption Category:

The Card Redemption category on So Fontsy has proven to be a great promotional tool to get new people to the site and new people finding your designs! Please consider if you’d like to participate – as it’s a great opportunity.

Here’s how it works: Coupons worth up to $100 to the SF Card Redemption category are used as promotional incentives through high volume sales channels often with physical goods. 

When a customer from Amazon, Walmart, Swing Design, Silhouette School, Silhouette U, Ultimate Silhouette Guide, etc receives this card with their order, they can go to the Card Redemption category on SF and shop from that category only to get up to $100 in designs when they apply the one-time-use code at checkout. (That’s about 30 designs IF they redeem the full credit which must be used in a single transaction). Keep in mind designs in this area still have a price and are sold at full price elsewhere on the site – so it’s only ‘free’ to them if they use the CR code.

What we’ve realized though is that people don’t just get their $100 worth of free Card Redemption designs and split…MANY of them are shopping for designs and fonts outside of this category as well. While the code doesn’t apply to designs outside of the CR category, customers are finding new shops…from this Card Redemption area b/c those are the first shops many of them see on So Fontsy.

Sooooo….while products redeemed from this CR category with a code would be a $0 sale and commission, it’s really about getting all those eyeballs on the REST of your shop (without making that design totally free sitewide)!

All this to say… if you’d like to try it – you can easily add (and swap out/remove) designs from the Card Redemption category by checking the “Card Redemption” category in your product listings.

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