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Welcome to Lavender Stories, I'm so glad to meet you!

I am Miglena, and I've been doodling, sketching and taking photos for as long as I can remember, and I'm really happy that I am now able to share what I create.

I love colour and exploring how it influences us. I've been really lucky to have the opportunity to live and work in India for a year, as India should be the most colourful place in the world. My minimalist then European taste was quite shaken at first (How can they combine 10 colours in one outfit!), but with time I learned to appreciate a very different approach to colour and life.
Now I know that contrast is sometimes the best thing we can do for a wall, a dress, a home, and a life.

I also love creating with my sewing machine, serger and crochet hooks, and I create colourful cuddly creatures from some of my sketches.

I hope you can find something beautiful for yourself here, and share my passion for contrast and new combinations of colours and shapes.

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