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My name is Kornelya. This is my pseudonym :) Why not to be like a writer or other creative people?
My real name is Cornelia. Nice to meet you, even virtually !!!
I was always an economist, since I got my master degree in economics. My passion for graphic design started when my boss didn't want(or didn't have) to spend money for product promotions, but he wanted good results in sales. At that moment, I was working like a product manager, I was responsible for buying and selling. So, I started to research this field...
Youtube and online tutorials were my university , they certified me in graphic design. I was always an adept of idea - If you like something there is not necessary to finish University, desire and the plan to reach it they are the main elements. Step by step, from simple to complicated things, I started to do flayers, posters, banners, different print media elements that helped me to get good results in product sale.

Etsy story….
God’s ways are unexpectable…I convinced myself hundred of times. One day, I found a book about craft and handmade where was mentioned about Etsy. After a lots and lots of researches, I decided to do some graphics and to sell them here on etsy and the other platforms too, but Etsy was my first, it gave me impulse and convinced me to do what I like. I quit my job, because I couldn't support it anymore :), graphics thoughts invaded my mind, my heart my everything….

I speak many other languages...Romanian(my native language), Russian and French.
So...Si vous avez des questions...Va rog Sa ma contactati, Отвечу с удовольствием !!!

Other words,
Contact me, if you have questions.

Happy Creations !!!


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