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Wood Slice Ornaments Without Paint or Vinyl ūü§Į

Get the look of hand painted wood slice ornaments without paint OR vinyl!


You can find the beautiful Christmas Round designs in the December SVG & Font Bundle.



This wood slice ornament DIY project is fun, fast, & easy! 



The secret to these easy diy wood slice ornaments is temporary tattoo paper that you print your own images on. 



Tattoo paper like this will come with the paper itself plus an adhesive sheet with a backing on it.



Set the adhesive sheet aside for now and load the tattoo paper into your inkjet printer so that you'll print on the glossy side.



Next, you'll need some wood slices. You can get wood slices with holes at the top or without holes in them. If the face of the wood slice is rough, sand until it's pretty smooth. 



Measure how big the wood slices are.



Open the wood slice ornaments SVG designs in your machine's design program.

We are using Silhouette Studio but this can easily be adapted to Cricut Design Space or Brother CanvasWorkspace.




Draw a circle equal to the size of your wood slices. I made the circle slightly smaller than the wood slice itself.



Size & center the wood slice ornament SVG into the circles.

In Silhouette Studio, you can do this in one click by selecting both the SVG and circle then clicking Center in the top menu.



Change the fill color of the SVG to white.



Change the fill color of the circle to black.



Select the circle and click Send to Back.



Then, group the wood slice ornament SVG and circle together.

In Silhouette Studio, select both the SVG and the circle, then right-click over them, then click Group from the drop-down menu.



Be sure to mirror the designs so they are reversed.

In Silhouette Studio, right-click over them and click Flip Horizontally.



Then, print out the designs on the tattoo paper. Change your printer's settings for printing on glossy photo paper.



Then, after the design prints, give it a few minutes to dry completely.



Next, peel off the top strip of the green backing on the adhesive sheet. This exposes just a small amount of adhesive at the top of the adhesive sheet.



Line up this exposed adhesive with the top of the printed tattoo paper.



Peel back the rest of the backing while using a burnishing tool to smooth the adhesive down over the paper.



Use your burnishing tool to rub the adhesive sheet onto the printed image.



Trim your design. To make it easier to line up the printed circle on the wood slice, trim very carefully and closely to the edge of the black circle.



Next, take the trimmed design and peel away the clear plastic layer on top to expose the adhesive now applied over the printed image.



Apply it adhesive side down on the wood slice.



Spray the back of the tattoo paper with water and cover with a damp paper towel.

Press straight down for about 10 - 15 seconds or until the paper backing slides off easily.




Let the wood slices dry.

Apply a sealer over them to keep these ornaments looking good for many years. This spray sealer is a really easy option.

Just spray an even coat over the face of the wood slices and let dry.



You can find the round ornament SVG designs used on this ornaments in the December 2021 SVG and Font Bundle.


December 2021 SVG & Font Bundle So Fontsy



Watch the video tutorial below:




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No Paint No Vinyl Wood Slice Ornaments

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